Pilot & Crew Flight Suit Scarves

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- Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Field No. 9 (Hurlburt Field), FL

1st Special Operations Wing
UH-1 era (1976 - 1985)
MH-53J/M era (1980 - 2008)
EC-135 era (1970 - 1992)
AC-130U era (1995 - present)
CV-22 era (2007 - present)
MC-130P era (1988 - present)
MC-130H era (1992 - present)
U-28A era (2005 - present)
505th Command and Control Wing
PAVE LOW Reunion Scarves
Two in a series of four scarves, authorized by and sold to the PAVE LOW community after the retirement of the MH-53. While they are “authentic;” they are not “original.”
The PAVE LOW Red Scarf Story
Information from a former MH-53 PAVE LOW flight engineer – In the late 1970s, the 20th SOS was chosen in an exercise to simulate Soviet Hind helicopters with their then H-3s. Following Russian tactics, they were very successful in "shooting down" US Army helicopters and USAF fixed wing adversaries. As the exercise continued the crews further adopted the "Red" theme and the first red scarves were issued, cut out of red maintenance rags. After the exercise, the red scarf tradition continued and carried on to the HH-53 and then MH-53 days. All PAVE LOW crew members received a red scarf when they were qualified to fly. They wore then differently than the fixed wing aircrew... under the collar with the ends showing in the front. Most scarves had the PAVE LOW squadron insignia (20th SOS, 21st SOS, 31st SOS, or 551st SOS) embroidered in the middle of the scarf. The red scarf was a unique symbol of this small brotherhood. The MH-53 PAVE LOW was retired in 2008.