Pilot & Crew Flight Suit Scarves

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- RAF Bentwaters / RAF Woodbridge, UK

81st Tactical Fighter Wing
A-10A era (1979 - 1992)
F-16C era (1988 - 1990)
39th Special Operations WIng (GSU)
The Twin Bases
For many years, the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing operated at both RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Since the two bases were in close proximity, they were known as the “Twin Bases.” 81st TFW A-10A squadrons (and fin flash colors) were allocated as follows:

▪ RAF Woodbridge – 78th TFS (red), 91st TFS (blue)
▪ RAF Bentwaters – 92nd TFS (yellow), 509th TFS (light gray), 510th TFS (purple) (magenta), 511th TFS (black)

A-10 forward operating locations were established at Sembach, Leipheim, Alhorn and Norvenich Air Bases in West Germany. In the event of war, the 81st TFW A-10's would move to the forward operating bases and aircraft from Nellis AFB, NV, and Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, would deploy to the Twin Bases.

In 1988, with the deactivation of the 1st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, the 509th TFS and 511th TFS were assigned to the 10th TFW at RAF Alconbury. All A-10A's were withdrawn from UK bases by 1993.

Collector Notes
During the A-10 era, the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing used many varieties of scarves. Some known combinations [pre-1989] and (post-1989 scarf color/silhouette color):
▪ 78th TFS - [red scarf], (red/white)
▪ 91st TFS - [blue scarf], (blue/black), (blue/white)
▪ 92nd TFS - [yellow scarf], (yellow/black)
▪ 509th TFS - [gray scarf, gray with silver embroidery]
▪ 510th TFS [purple plaid -1984], [purple], [maroon], (purple/black) and versions above
▪ 511th TFS [light blue]
See RAF Alconbury section for 509th TFS and 511th TFS scarves unique to that air base.
Thank you to Peter Hall and some former 81st TFW pilots for this information.