Pilot & Crew Flight Suit Scarves

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- Spangdahlem AB, Germany

52nd Tactical Fighter Wing / 52nd Fighter Wing
F-4D/E era (1971 - 1987)
F-4G era (1983 - 1993)
F-16C era (1988 - 1990)
52nd Fighter Wing
F-16 C/D era (1987 - present)
A-10A/C era (1992 - 2013)
F-15C era (1994 - 1999)
"I arrived to the 81st Fighter Squadron in August of 2009. Soccer is huge in Europe and I love soccer. Not many Fighter Squadrons wear scarves now, so decided to make a soccer scarf for the squadron. In Feb 2010 I ordered 30. The first 30 sold fast and I ordered another 30 in Nov 2011, 40 in Dec 2011, and lastly 30 in Jan 2012. That is a total of 130 scarves! A lot of the guys buy them for their dads or siblings for Christmas or just a general gift. We wear them to roll calls or to the O'Club. We have worn them out at Red Flag in Nellis, and TDYs to Lakenheath, Romania, and even Afghanistan and Libya." - unit member
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