Pilot & Crew Flight Suit Scarves

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- Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland

Air Forces Iceland / 85th Wing / 85th Group / 35th Fighter Wing
F-4C era (1973 - 1978)
F-4E era (1978 - 1985)
F-15C/D era (1985 - 2006)
HH-60G era (1993 - 2006)
552nd Airborne Command and Control Wing
E-3A/B/C era (1979 - 1992)
Rockville AS, Iceland
(1952 - 2006)
Collector Notes
The 57th FIS scarf looks a lot like the 1991-era 963rd AACS scarf. There are two differences. On the 57 FIS, the rows are seven checkers across where they are eight columns across on the 963rd AACS scarf. The 963rd AACS was also manufactured by Rama World and the 57th FIS was made by an unknown manufacturer.